Smart Search has completely revolutionized the way our customers search on our web site. Within days of implementing, our search related sales increased by 50%. It removes the requirement for exact spelling, allowing customers to locate the products they are searching for faster and with more accuracy.

John Consiglio

eCommerce Manager I ConsigliosKitchenware

Is bad search hurting your business?

Stop losing sales because of basic website search tools that require exact spelling or exact product name queries. With powerful features ranging from artificial intelligence to autocomplete, the Odegi Smart Search simplifies the search process and increases conversion; helping your visitors find your products instantly while expediting the sales process and giving you a competitive advantage.

Cost Effective

Give your visitors smart, fast and easy search results at a fraction of the cost that large companies pay for similar technology.

Powerful Features

Increase conversion quicker with integrated features like spell check, autocomplete and mobile compatibility among many more.

Increase Sales

Simplify and expedite the sales process by enabling visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

  • Never Lose A Sale

    Engage your visitors with the autocomplete feature and never lose a sale because of a typo thanks to the spell check function. Odegi Smart Search learns from every wrong entry and automatically suggests relevant products in future searches.

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  • AI & Natural Language Search

    Odegi Smart Search learns with every search, bringing you closer to your sales target every day. It delivers results using natural language and understands long and complex queries written in any case or form. Products can be spelled in many different ways including in singular and plural forms.

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  • Give Them What They're Looking For

    Visitors navigate results quickly and easily with dynamic filters. Intelligent algorithms generate relevant filters, simplifying search results for easy navigation. Includes relevant product filters like product categories, weight, type, price and other options.

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  • Sell Globally

    We support you in various languages. Don't see your language? Contact us and we will do our best to comply.

    • English
    • French
    • Norwegian
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Slovak
    • Czech
    • Hungarian
    • Polish
    • Danish
    • Italian
    • Romanian
    • Dutch
    • Latvian
    • Finnish
    • Estonian
    • Lithuanian
    • Swedish

    Missing your language? Contact Us.

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  • Fast Search Results

    Our infrastructure is optimized for speed and uptime. Deliver search suggestions, suggested products, pricing, images, brands and more at lightning speed.

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  • Set Up Is A Breeze

    Our customized plug-ins facilitate rapid and seamless integration with ALL popular ecommerce platforms and our API enables your team to build and expand on our intelligent search technology. Need more assistance? No problem. Our integration team is always ready to provide full setup and configuration support.

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  • Your Success Is Our Priority

    We enjoy interacting with our clients and helping them succeed it's just what we do. From setup and configuration to product enhancements and tailoring, your needs always come first. We are available via telephone or email to provide the support you need.

    Customer Support

    Customer support hours 9-5pm EST
    Toll Free: 1-866-388-8229

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